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Australian Coin Services ACS ‘By Collectors for Collectors’

Australian Coin Services (ACS) is a company that has been in the making for two years. The company's primary objective is to provide Australian decimal coin collectors with top-quality products designed and produced by highly respected industry leaders.

Every product offered by Australian Coin Services has been created to suit Australian decimal coins perfectly. The company uses new specs and improved materials that have been tried and tested to ensure the highest quality and protection for customers.

Australian Coin Services takes pride in guaranteeing that they are professional, helpful, and diligent in ensuring that orders are completed efficiently and safely. Australian Coin Services 'ACS' is the future of Australian Numismatic products and services. The company is dedicated to providing collectors with a range of safe, effective, and innovative products that meet their needs.

Australian Coin Services also takes pride in offering a unique rolling service to its customers. They're rolling paper is 95% hand-rolled, ensuring that coins are protected from chipping during the rolling process. All coin rolls by Australian Coin Services are of the utmost quality. They use ACS archival-quality roll paper to wrap all coin rolls, which are then secured with their tamper-proof security sticker. They also roll all decimal sizes, including 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1.00, and $2.00 coins. At Australian Coin Services, they guarantee that all of their rolled coins are of the same type, uncirculated, and free from any damages resulting from rolling. They ensure that all heads and tail rolls are done correctly the first time, every time. Additionally, photos of all uncirculated coins, including error coins (for an extra charge), are taken prior to rolling for your peace of mind. Choose Australian Coin Services for all your coin rolling needs, and experience their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Whether you're an experienced collector or just starting, ACS has the products and services you need to bring your collection to the next level.

Australian coin services

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