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Corporate Branding: Defining Your Brand Identity with a Rock Solid Marketer

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Discover the meaning of corporate branding and how it relates to your business.

The Meaning of "Brand": Clarifying Misconceptions -

Brand is a term that is used frequently, yet its definition remains unclear to many. Most people associate branding with a business's logo design, but it is much more than just a visual representation. At its core, a brand is an intangible concept that cannot be seen, touched or felt. Because it is challenging to define, it is easier to understand what a brand is not, rather than what it is:

A brand is not simply a logo; it is a symbol for the brand and serves as its foundation.

A brand is not corporate identity; it is a combination of visual aspects that make up the brand, including mission/vision, stationery, signage, products, and packaging.

A brand is not a product or service offered by the business.

A brand is not a marketing plan.

A brand is not the look and feel of a brochure or website.

All of the mentioned elements are outputs of a brand and its strategy. While they communicate the brand, they do not define it.

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Corporate Branding: Defining Your Brand Identity

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