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Tax Deductions for Tradies - 20 Hot Tips

Updated: Jun 7

As a business owner in the trade industry, you're likely very skilled at what you do. However, I would bet that handling business taxes is not your favorite part of the job. if anyone's. Am I right?

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Please note

  1. This list is not comprehensive, and tax laws may be subject to change. Therefore, it's important to always consult your accountant to ensure compliance with Australian Tax Laws (or the relevant laws in your country/region).

  2. We advise you to have a dedicated bookkeeper and accountant for your business. This helps maintain accountability and ensures that your company's finances are well managed. It has always been a best practice for me and is something I recommend to everyone.

Review of Tax Deductions

1. Trade Licenses

2. Regulatory fees that come with

3. Trade Union fees if you are in one

4. Tools and Equipment on purchases

5. Depreciation on Tools and equipment

6. Tools and equipment repairs & maintenance

7. Office cleaning

8. Subcontractor costs

9. Labour costs

10. Staff hiring costs (e.g., Advertising for new staff members)

11. Staff training and development costs

12. Software subscriptions including apps for phones and tablets such as ServiceM8

13. Dog expenses for worksite security

14. Donations to charity

15. Delivery of materials to site

16. Work uniforms

17. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – safety boots, helmet, high visibility clothing, eye goggles, masks, sunscreen and hats

18. Laundry & maintenance costs for work uniforms and protective clothing

19. Phone and Internet costs

20. Rental of business premises

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